Why start a career in HR at a recruitment consultancy?

April 25th 2023

Talent Search People explains the advantages of starting a career as an HR consultant. 


Nowadays there are many academic paths to study, as well as professional branches and sectors to pursue. At the end of your studies, it is often difficult to be sure which direction to take or whether what you have studied is really what you want to do. In fact, according to Talent Search People, "people who have studied social sciences (such as psychology) are attracted to the world of human resources, especially if they are characterised by empathy and like human development". Along these lines, they affirm that "one of the options where you can learn quickly in a short time is in a recruitment consultancy". 

Sources at Talent Search People  explain that a human resources consultancy is responsible for "providing consultancy and human talent management services to the different companies that need them and contract their services". In this way, once a company contacts the consultancy, "it takes charge of the necessary recruitment programmes, monitors them and facilitates the process of hiring people for the client company, as well as making changes within the organisation, if necessary". 


In this sense, a good option for people who are starting to work in the world of human resources is to begin their career in a consultancy, as "it offers a range of possibilities" and "opens the doors to an infinite number of areas", according to them. Thanks to this, "you will come into contact with a wide variety of profiles and with companies from different sectors". 

Thus, a human resources consultant will work in the different areas that exist in the market. "For example, he or she will work with It, retail, marketing or any other field that may be required. This allows you to be versatile and to be able to carry out a selection process in any industry, without closing doors when it comes to subsequently working in a specific sector, as you will know almost all of them", Talent Search People points out. 

In fact, the first thing the consultant will do, once the company contacts the consultancy, will be "to get to know the client's needs and concerns, and it will be the client who will explain the requirements that the person they want to hire must have". Subsequently, and after a process of CV management, sifting and interviews, "the best candidate for the vacancy will be presented to the client, and the client will be the one to finally decide on the hiring". 

So, for a consultant, the work will be very dynamic as it is not focused on a single profile. "Moreover, the profiles will not always be the same, so you will have to research and learn about new sectors and new companies, constantly facing new challenges to your professional goals," they point out. 


On the other hand, they emphasise that "the knowledge acquired by working in the human resources sector in a consultancy allows you to advance professionally without getting stuck, growing at a professional level". They also help the skills to be more "versatile, organised, analytical and creative". 

"In addition, it is a sector in which you learn about personal traits, as you are constantly working with human beings with whom you have to ensure good communication and transmit empathy with the candidate", conclude the experts at Talent Search People. 


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