Media Buyer

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Profiles Ecommerce y Marketing Digital

Long-term contract


Competitive salary

  • Immediate incorporation

Our client is a life-changing, world-beating, boundlessly modest, UK-based Paid Media Agency and marketing advisor. We create marketing strategies and advertising campaigns for some of the coolest brands out there –– from start-ups to global leaders. With a young, talented team, our client is a highly stimulating environment for the talented and the energetic.

What you will do:

At our client they can’t offer brutal, back-breaking hours or compulsory rules on formal attire. They leave that to the prehistoric multinationals who’ll most likely forget your name by Q2 – or whatever those guys call ‘spring.’
You’ll become a key part of their business: strategizing, planning running ads for their clients, with a focus on social platforms. You'll be responsible for the whole process from strategy to account management and actual execution (with the support from a team around you).

What you’ll get:
At our client they essentially sell their skills and intellect to their clients. their staff their staff is their “assets” but also our friends. Which is important to us – and it should be to you too. We take on a small number of cool, brave clients, build them a formidable marketing strategy and have a bloody good time doing it..
If there were one thing our client says it does best, it’s marrying strategy with creative execution. This is something you’ll learn about til your ears bleed. It’s also the most useful skill you’ll take away from working with us – if for some insane reason you ever decided to leave.
You’ll also get to work with some of the coolest companies in the world. We’re not just saying that either.
You’ll work with jungle festivals in Costa Rica, disruptive tech businesses, eco-educational institutions and the company that made Drake’s bed. Yeah, exactly.

You are the person we are looking for if:

-You’ve worked in Facebook ads Manager/ as a media buyer for 4+ years.
-You've also worked with the other social ad platforms.
-You have agency experience.
-You consider yourself VERY strategic.
-You're the person in a meeting everyone looks to for answers.
-You haven't only worked with big corporates, but (sometimes more importantly) smart hacky startups and lifestyle brands.
-You’re fluent in English.
-You know how to manage clients
-You're a doer in the real sense.
-When you go to sleep at night, you dream of neatly organised spreadsheets.

Bonus points if...
-You’d rather spend your money on seeing the world rather than buying more of what’s in it.
-You speak more than one language.
-You’d like to join us on our company trips - we do three per year to different destinations to gather the team and have some fun together.
-You have a morally and/or legally questionable story from your gap year to tell

Very competative salary
Full time position, in it for the long run.
Location: a hybrid so this is partly up to you. A lot of the team is working remotely. Some prefer to work from their office in Notting Hill, London.

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