Devops Engineer

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Allianz Group is one of the most trusted insurance and asset management companies in the world. Caring for our employees, their ambitions, dreams and challenges, is what makes us a unique employer. Together we can build an environment where everyone feels empowered and has the confidence to explore, to grow and to shape a better future for our customers and the world around us.

Your key responsibilities:

As a DevOps Engineer you are taking part in the next phase of our Agile Transformation, to provide the best services towards our customers and to improve our system landscape. Our DevOps Engineers work closely with the agile development teams and together with them take end-to-end responsibility of our environments, infrastructure and platforms. In addition, you will ensure operational availability of our systems, share on-call duty with your fellow Engineers and improve the incident, problem and change management processes for our production stages. System, database and network administration tasks will be handled by you in order to guarantee frictionless operations. You will design and improve our CI/CD pipelines, automate the repetitive operational tasks on all levels, and work with our developers to guarantee stable environments and provide fault-tolerant and highly reliable solutions. You are driving the cloud adoption, work on the containerization of our applications and will configure and maintain container orchestration environments.

• Design, develop, enhance and implement software integrations based on customer feedback
• Implement automation of toil and boring, repetitive tasks (testing, packaging, dependency and configuration management)
• Implement and enhance our level of automation of our software delivery life cycle (CI/CD pipelines)
• Analyze our systems regarding performance, security and availability
• Bring applications into the cloud
• Integrating development/test automation/delivery tools into a common toolchain for the product delivery development teams
• Work closely with our software engineers on how to best use and innovate our software delivery, test and production platforms

Professional with expertise in
1. CI/CD state-of-the-art best practices, experience with setting up and maintaining build and deployment pipelines
2. CD technologies, especially geared towards Kubernetes and public cloud, like Helm, Terraform, ArgoCD
3. Container (orchestration) technologies, including Kubernetes, OpenShift, Docker
4. Cloud platforms, including AWS (Must) and Azure (optional)
5. Infrastructure as Code technologies, especially Terraform and Helm
6. Software development and scripting languages, to provide automation and self-service tooling
7. Various automation frameworks, regarding build, test, integration and deployment, including Jenkins automation server
8. Git, especially GitHub

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