Benefits of recruiting on social networks

August 20th 2020

These days, people spend a lot of time in front of the screens interacting through social networks. In this context, social networks are making a service that goes beyond the communication between users. They have become a space where brands and companies offer their services and products to the users. Social networks offer information from each user that could be very interesting for recruiting companies. We can know many things about the users that appear in these networks and in this way expand the network of possible candidates to whom we can contact.

Each of them offers different profiles, some more professionals like Linkedin and others more creative like Instagram and this is why you have to determine what profile you need and what requirements you must look at in addition to knowing well the possibilities offered by every platform.

One of the advantages of recruiting through social networks is the possibility of attracting millennials, a generation used to these platforms. They interact constantly in digital media and new technologies so they provide a large amount of information about their tastes and concerns that can be very useful. Social networks can be great allies in terms of communication with this new era of workers and very useful attracting their interest for a job offer.

Using platforms such as Linkedin or Facebook can multiply the scope of the job offers because it allows you to filter the information and in this way make a search much more effective. It is the example of Facebook, which let us through a payment option, to publish different content based on the profiles and interests of people. This tool permit multiplying the scope of the offer depending on the criteria that are established and the frequency of publication.

We can reach many potential candidates through social media, even those who remain passive but can fit perfectly with a company needs. They enable a proactive candidate search but for this it is necessary to know how to make a professional selection of profiles. In many companies they already have a digital recruitment team specialized in social networks.

Social media can also be an ally when it comes to checking the information of a curriculum. Helps us to contrast the information offered by the candidate and check their background, social networks are the ideal place to find information that may need.

The selection processes carried out through social networks are characterized by the immediacy. Day by day, there are more dynamic and immediate techniques and social networks are a powerful ally in terms of speed. It facilitates the contact with candidates, without requiring to travel, you only need a computer or phone and a camera to contact the world.

Nowadays the labor market demands some competences but helped by social networks, companies can streamline their selection processes by finding a greater number of candidates. Renewed or die!

Written by Alba Gimenez 


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