For us, RPO is tantamount to a complete merger with you, so your goals and needs become ours. We are fully responsible for the functions you hand over to us. A Talent team will work exclusively with you, hand in hand, between your offices and ours to carry out the recruitment process, either for a specific period of time or on a long-term basis. We jointly set goals and work with you to improve overall results!

Being your partner and working closely are the bases for us and for the RPO team specialising in outsourced processes.

But what are the benefits of RPO or inhouse services?

But what are the benefits of RPO or Inhouse services?

We are a large multi-profile team with previous experience* in this type of project. We work to successfully carry out national and international recruitment outsourcing projects for companies from very different sectors.

For us, the key to success is good communication and baseline analysis in order to understand your needs. Both the team and the assigned resources are specially chosen to fit not only with the recruitment needs, but also with your company culture. During the design, we establish a work team that will allow daily, weekly and monthly monitoring that, in addition to ensuring good communication, will allow us to make the necessary adjustments for the smooth running of the project.

One of the main features we have at Talent is that, when you send us a need, the response will be immediate. In less than a week, we can get the project up and running, as we know that, in an unforeseen situation or with a high volume of work, we need to be fast and, above all, very flexible.

RPO is based on flexibility. In addition to tailoring the project to your needs, we will adapt to every circumstance that may arise throughout the collaboration – from increasing the resources allocated or the services included to reformulating the project with the sole objective of achieving joint success.

Within an RPO, not only the results in terms of recruitment or the reduction of paperwork that it may entail are important, but also helping to attract the best talent to your company with your brand image. Our marketing team will work together with you using all our online/offline marketing tools to get the most out of your employer branding strategy.

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