5 tips to nail your working from home routine

March 8th 2021

Home office has become the new normal this past year and for most people working from home it is note an easy task. There are some positive points to working from home, but feeling isolated, bored and exhausted have taken a toll on us.

For that, having a routine may help you to overcome these feelings and start a new way of working from home. We are going to give you five tips to make your home office as efficient as it can be.


Keeping your work and home lives separated may be a hard thing to do when working from home. Most rooms in your place become your comfort zone and it is very hard to focus on a routine while being there.

Our first tip is to find a designated room or even a small corner to become your working place. Find a room where you can focus, where you don’t have any distractions and, if possible, with good natural lighting. Entering your workspace will help you to focus only in your work schedule, and leaving it will also help you to fully disengage with that place.  The more you can create a separation between your workspace and home, the better you will work and enjoy the rest of the day.


Start the day with a plan and steady schedule. Organize your daily tasks by hours and you will notice that time goes by quicker than ever. Defining a clear schedule and tasks will improve your organization and concentration.

For example, get up at the same time, eat breakfast and dress up (yes, put some clothes other than your pyjamas!). While scheduling your tasks, organize everything that has to be done throughout the day and make and important point on breaks.


Make sure to reach out to the same people you used to work with in the office, co-workers and managers. If you just started to go fully remote with your work, chances are that you will feel more isolated than ever, so make sure to communicate as much as you can to the people you would usually talk to and turn to for help.

There can be many ways to reach out for them, you don’t have to stick with only text or audio, you can also communicate over the phone or video chat. This will help the communication and refresh your daily routine with people to talk to, who may also need this small interaction.

You can also schedule morning video calls with your team or carve out time for other check-ins throughout the day. Lots of casual social interactions are cut off while working from home, so don’t hesitate to reach out to your co-workers and have a small convo.


Breaks are an important time in our daily work routine, do them consistently and without hesitation. While you are planning your daily schedule, mark your break time. You can divide in two or three strikes, even just 5 to 10 minutes. Not only does working non-stop make you feel exhausted, but it also takes a physical toll. Sitting on the same chair for eight hours straight can cause muscle and joint problems and even cause repetitive injuries. You can have a small and quick workout.

Take your breaks to move around the house, eat something, disconnect from your computer and spend time with your pet. If you can go out, take a short walk, stretch or go to the grocery shop.


After a long and exhausting day, give yourself a small reward. To stay mentally healthy, you can make yourself a bath, eat some of your favourite food, watch a movie or have a drink.

At the end of the day, all you need is to boost your energy and you can permit yourself to do anything you want. Work time is over. Go for a walk, watch some Netflix or call your friends to bash over something. Be kind with yourself and acknowledge your work and capacities.


These tips will help you to build the perfect home office. Nowadays, we don’t know how long this type of working situation will last, but we can try to make it as good as we can. Staying motivated is a key aspect to succeed both at work and personal life.

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