6 things to consider when moving to Portugal

May 10th 2021

It’s hardly surprising that many people find moving to Portugal a very attractive proposition, as it has one of Europe’s most beautiful landscapes and great weather, making it a very popular holiday-hotspot destination.

Nonetheless, in the recent years many people have been considering moving to Portugal to search for a new job and lifestyle. Because Portugal it is known for its weather, landscapes and culture, many people fail to realize that there are other things to bear in mind before making the move to this country.

There are potential pitfalls that could make living in Portugal a bit difficult so in this article we bring you of 6 things to consider if you want to move to Portugal.

In many ways, Portugal is a modern European country, and it has many popular destinations with all the resources you need to live and work. Cities like Lisbon, Porto or Cascais, are the major cities in Portugal, although probably the priciest.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider living inland. However, you can find poor infrastructure and limited activities or services in rural areas. If that doesn’t stop you, the benefit is that the transport system is great, and the country is small enough to travel from one place to another in less than an hour.

If you live in the countryside, the car is the main transport to arrive to any place. If you live in cities like Lisbon or Porto, public transport in very common as many people use it to go to work or school.

If you are travelling to a big city, you might find self-appointed parking helpers who will point out the available spaces in the street. Yet, you probably will have to pay them and the parking space, so we recommend public transport like trains or buses to get to a nearby city instead of the car. If you are planning to do a lot of driving, you should check the famous 2018 Spain and Portugal Road Map.

If you come to Portugal looking for a new working opportunity, you should know what the most common jobs for expats during the first years are. Most people tend to work in the public service and marketing departments. However, if you are good with languages, you can also work in international companies or academic institutions.

We would like to mention that moving to Portugal with a job already, has many advantages since you won’t have to go through many difficulties financially and culturally. If you are interested in working in Portugal, you should check our offers in Talent Search People.

A decent internet connection is important to keep in touch with your family, friends or even work partners. Bear in mind that the speed and the strength of the internet varies between network providers and locations.

Before moving to Portugal, you should research with care the main providers on every city or town you are planning to stay. You can also ask the locals to get some reliable opinions.

Portugal includes access to free healthcare 99% of the times. Nonetheless some of the test, prescriptions or consultations might cost a small amount of money if you don’t have an authorization from a family doctor. For example, dental care is no covered and it can be quite pricey.

It is important to remark that a lot of people consider paying a private medical insurance, because it is easier to cover, there are more services and, treatments are faster. The cost varies depending on age, coverage and conditions but tends to range from around €20 per month and upper.

Portugal uses your global income to determine which of the tiered tax brackets apply to you. With taxes we recommend having financial advice beforehand. However, if you move to Portugal, you will need a tax ID number called Número de Indetificacao Fiscal. as an identification number.

If you are moving to Portugal from an EU country, you have the right to live and work there with a residency permit. Yet, if you come from a country outside EU, you need to get a work visa before leaving your own country. Consequently, you can stay up to 6 months in Portugal. To find out more about what you need, you should check the Serviços de Estrangeiros e Fronteiras (SEF) website (Foreigners and Border Control Service).

All things considered, Portugal has a lot to offer to expats and temporary residents, so it’s easy to see why it’s gotten on the radar in recent years. Although there can be challenges when moving to a new country, Portugal is a great country to live in.

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