The importance of giving feedback to your unsuccessful candidates

August 9th 2022

While giving the news 'You're hired!' is understood as good news and a message, on the other hand there is a taboo around giving feedback after a selection process, when it was not so successful.  The feedback of a selection process is an important part of the process for the candidate involved. It is the moment when they want to understand why they have not been selected, so it takes time to provide feedback to candidates, either by e-mail or by phone.  

And because some recruiters are not trained to provide it or have simply never done it, here are some tips on how to do it.  

Firstly, it is important to remember that behind a recruitment process, factors such as time, dedication and a person's goals or aspirations are involved, so you should be grateful for the candidate's time, because while it is true that you are not obliged to give feedback to the candidate, it is a matter of good practice and consider the effort that the candidate makes being part of the process, which is as important as the effort of the company's human resources team.   

Giving them information about their candidacy does not involve a large investment in time, and it helps to improve the image that candidates have of the company, while at the same time giving them a boost when looking for a new job.  

As for the body of the message, it should always be constructive, with the aim of helping the candidate to grow in future processes and to be able to correct the mistakes that we have detected on our part.  

When sharing feedback with candidates, we will include comments on the main competencies required by the position and which have not been seen to be linked to their candidacy.   

In any case, the wording and focus of the message should always be constructive, so instead of just mentioning the candidate's mistakes and failures, we can also impress upon them those positive aspects that they should maintain in future processes.   

At Talent we believe that giving feedback in selection processes positively defines a human resources department, and makes the difference with other organisations.  

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