How to deal with back to routine?

September 20th 2022

The return to work after the holidays is often accompanied by changes in working hours, obligations and lifestyle as a whole.   

All of this is a normal process of adaptation, which in some cases becomes more intense and causes psychological and/or physical discomfort for those who suffer from it.  

Today we want to give you advice on how to avoid the so-called "post-holiday stress", which, although there is no consensus in scientific society on the exact definition or the real existence of this "post-holiday syndrome", is considered to be a process of adapting to working life after the holidays for those people who find it more difficult.  

When arriving at work, do not start the activity abruptly and intensively, but it is beneficial to allow yourself some time to share your holiday experiences with your colleagues to create a good atmosphere at the start of work.  

Make an action plan for short, medium and long term goals with your customers and/or suppliers, and above all, don't take work home with you! It is very important to leave your work at the office and enjoy your time in the different spaces.  

Start gradually with the intensity of the work, from less to more intensity, always trying to start with the most pleasant and/or priority tasks. One thing that can help is to schedule meetings where you can define and detail your team's objectives, as well as update them on the activity they are involved in.  


Don't overdo the caffeine intake! If not, get back to the routine of 8 hours of rest and don't alter your sleep hours either by over or under.  


We know that the return to routine can be overwhelming but from Talent we encourage you to approach it with positivity and desire to return with energy.  

Do you think you have a lot of work to do? Don't worry, at Talent we offer you an RPO service where your needs become ours, worry about choosing between coffee or tea, we will take care of the selection of talent for you. 

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