Daily team synchronization meeting

September 27th 2022

A daily is a daily meeting between team members to find out how each team member is doing. What is its purpose? To increase the productivity of the project and boost team commitment.   


The methodology consists of each team member showing in front of the others:  

1.     Tasks that may affect other team members, because they impact on their work or because there are dependencies (especially if there is a delay).  

2. Impediments. The Daily allows more problems to be identified in time. The facilitator (Scrum Master) will be in charge of finding the solution to the impediments that the team cannot solve by itself.  

3. Your needs. Each team member understands the needs of the others in their work, so they can collaborate and adapt.   

But to make an impact, the dailys need to be carried out in an orderly, effective and well-planned way.   

First of all, in what order should we speak? Well, there are different options to do it, order of arrival, each person chooses the next one, the hands of the clock, among others.  


After defining the order quickly, it is the turn of each of the members, and to achieve a "Keep it short and simple" method, it is recommended, among others, to create a dynamic of these through:  

● Keeping the energy level high.  

Holding the meeting standing up.  

Holding the meeting in front of the Kanban board, so that everyone can see the progress of each colleague.  

● It is also advisable to hold it at the same time every day.  

● Have the whole team present, otherwise people who don't attend don't know how the project is going and ideally everyone should be well informed about it.  

● Focus   

solely on answering those three questions above.  


A good daily meeting that is well thought out and carried out will bring benefits such as:  

● Encouraging team members to learn from each other, as they can see how others work according to their specialties and experiences.  

● Knowing the status of colleagues' processes.  

● Helping and being helped  

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