How to manage your time during your working day

October 4th 2022

Managing time to have a productive working day is not always an easy task, as different studies reveal, there are time thieves that reduce between 50% and 70% of the real hours that we dedicate to work, for this reason, it is very important that we learn to plan and organise our day to day to optimise time in the best possible way.

Let's start with the most important thing, what does time management mean? It is about properly distributing the tasks we have to carry out according to the working hours we have available. The aim of managing our time is never to overwhelm us, but, on the contrary, it allows us to manage our tasks so that we can be as efficient as possible.

The steps to achieve this are very clear, you just have to put them into practice!

- Firstly, you need to make an analysis of the repetitive tasks you have on a weekly basis and identify the time involved in each of them.

- Secondly, group the tasks together, i.e. identify which tasks require the same resources and the same level of concentration.

- Thirdly, define recurring tasks and their frequency, i.e. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

- Finally, classify the tasks according to their level of importance, for this it is necessary to understand which tasks are urgent and important and which are not. The Eisenhower method will help you in this classification, it is a matrix that divides the tasks into:

- Important and urgent: You must do them immediately, as they can have positive or negative consequences on your goals.

- Important and non-urgent: You must do them, but you can schedule them for another time because they are tasks that involve reaching your long-term goal.

- Not important but urgent: These are tasks that need to be done but do not require your skills, so you need to delegate them to the right person.

- Not important and not urgent: These are the time thieves, distractions and unnecessary tasks that do not allow you to achieve your goals.

Today is a good day to start managing your time in the right way, this will help you to have a good planning and achieve your goals, it will eliminate time thieves and also reduce stress and anxiety. What are you waiting for?

Written by: Liana Beijleveld y Nadia Cabral

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