Ways of improving mental health in the workspace

October 11th 2022

According to the European Commission, mental health is a state of well-being characterised by feeling good, having fulfilling relationships and being able to manage problems. Mental health influences the way people think, communicate, learn and grow.   


As a company, we must not forget the role we play in the daily routine of the team that makes it up, so it is important to promote actions that favour a positive impact on the mental health of employees.  

In this article, and as a company that works WITH people, we give you ideas to integrate day to day.  

Firstly, the space, guarantee a pleasant and safe working environment, aspects such as space and natural light, have a significant influence on the well-being of your employees.  


Secondly, the team dynamics, carrying out events such as teambuilding help to enhance communication, empathy and assertiveness. This helps to integrate all members of the team so that they can develop in their work place with the rest in a more natural way, creating cohesion between them.  


Thirdly, good lifestyle habits at work can be encouraged by promoting healthy practices such as drinking water, organising sports leagues or even offering fruit to employees, which can help those who are not used to it to make it part of their routine.  


As a last piece of advice, and on the occasion of Mental Health Day, it is important to normalize mental health care, not to create a taboo around it and to promote information and awareness of the importance of mental health inside and outside work to your team members, for example with a newsletter or workshops, among others.  


From Talent we encourage you to integrate these actions and at the same time nourish yourself with information to be able to detect cases in the team, if they occur, and to be able to have an action plan.  

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