Challenges in the search for Tech Talent

October 31st 2022

We are currently facing an obvious situation in the world of qualified profile selection. The variety of specialization in professional careers nowadays makes locating the right person, with the right knowledge, experience and attitude for each job position a much more complex task than it was before. And if we add to this to the need of technological profiles, the problem is even more accentuated! 
It is a reality that the companies dedicated to the selection of talent are actually facing a real "War of Talent Attraction”. The level of technical demand by companies is growing more and more due to the massive digital transformation process that we are currently experiencing. Due to this high need for talent, we clearly see how the demand is much higher than the supply of profiles suitable for these very specific positions.   
Therefore, there is a lower quantity of qualified specialist talent available. This increases the demands of this category of professionals to make an offer attractive enough for them to change jobs. 
As with any competition, working to implement a strategy in the selection of these profiles is essential for companies that are looking for this type of talent. 
These are the current Challenges and Solutions offered to our clients: 
  • Locate profiles technologically compatible with the searched need. 
    Solution: We currently have a team of 9 qualified people, fully dedicated to search for technological profiles. Constant contact with the technology market means that we have sufficient market knowledge to know how and where to locate the right talent in each case. 
  • To be visible and attractive. 
    Solution: As a specialist consultancy, in the first meeting with our clients we transparently discuss the pros and cons of the offer in question and advise them at all times on the possibility of increasing the success rate. Our mission is to be a spokesperson for all the usual requirements that professionals must convince themselves to make a job change in the interests of our clients. 
    In addition, we are working together with a Marketing team that advises us on how to give visibility and properly position all our opportunities. 
  • Avoid talent drain even before the professionals are part of the companies. 
    Solution: Ensuring a good experience for our professionals within the companies is essential to work on Talent loyalty. 
    Therefore, guaranteeing a good experience in the selection process is the first ring of fire that organizations go through to hire their future professionals. 
    Being very flexible and agile in the selection process is vital. Sometimes it is difficult to integrate in organizations that tend to structured planning, but as a specialized team we offer tools to our clients and candidates to achieve this. 
    All in all, it is very important to be aware of the difficulties that exist today in the management and attraction of talent, since in this process of "falling in love" with the job, taking care of all the details, maintaining fluid communication and a balance between expectations vs. reality is the key to success. 

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