How to leverage the Talent of Xennials, Millennials and Generation Z in the same team?  

November 8th 2022

Each team has its own reality and is composed of different people with their particular talent. The management of a team is influenced by these factors and many others, and usually we don't take into account the difference in generation among the team members.  

Much has been said about the particularities of Xennials, Millennials and Generation Z. Something that people don’t tell you is: How do we transfer this information to the day-to-day management of the team, and enhance their talent?  

1. It's not personal   

Surely you have seen that there are many things that your team manages differently from you. Sometimes they won’t give importance to the same things that are vital to you. It's not personal, it has nothing to do with your management. You have different values and knowledge bases, you just start from different points.   

Lay the groundwork, encourage their autonomy and communicate clearly what is important, how it should be done and at what timing. To communicate the objectives in an understandable and assertive way, providing context for them to understand and feel part of the process.  


2. Share your knowledge  

Having a reference in the job is one of the most talked-about expectations of candidates in job interviews. It is important to take a moment to think about how we can help them evolve and how we can leverage their talent. There are many things they can learn from us, not everything is the execution of a task. We can share our logic in problem solving, the values that motivate us to make decisions.   

Become their mentor and help them reach the next level.    

Create team moments, enjoy the day-to-day.  

You work with people who value the work environment. In fact, it's one of the most common reasons for job changes. Having a relaxed work environment does not mean that the team will not be productive. Encourage moments to share the day to day, moments where everyone is involved and can share and feel part of the team. These moments will help you see that you have much more in common than you think.   

4. Learn from your team  

Working with people of different ages is one of the most valuable management skills you can have. You will be able to see reality from other perspectives, they will share different values than you. They even may have better skills than yours that you can learn from.   

5. Not everything has to do with generation  

It is important to empathize and try to understand what these generations are like in order to achieve an optimal team management. But as we mentioned, many factors come together in management.  If you work with people younger than you, I recommend that you stop and think: What were you like when you were their age, do you recognize anything? There are points that have to do with the development of the professional, gaining maturity and continuing to learn.  

Working with people from different generations can be complex and at times challenging.  If we face these moments with perspective, patience and reflection, they can become moments full of learning. This will not only make your team much more productive, but also help you evolve as a manager.   


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