Is coaching present in the search for talent?

November 29th 2022

We are going to make a small reflection on how coaching intervenes in our daily work as a Recruitment Specialist.

Our job, seen from a simplistic perspective, is to find candidates for the companies that hire us and to do it efficiently, but from a broader perspective, our job is to identify talented people who are qualified to join a team that helps the company to achieve its objectives, people who add value to the company and make it grow, so that the hiring company is fully satisfied with our services.
In this process, which we begin with an active search for candidates, they decide to dedicate part of their time to explain the project to us and inform us that they are interested, and we, through an in-depth interview and the application of technical tests, consider that they are the ideal candidate, we present the corresponding report to the company and the company decides to interview them, this is when our accompaniment of the candidate begins to help them achieve their objective, to be selected as the candidate to fill the position offered.

It is a work of accompaniment throughout the selection process, in which we establish a working dynamic with the candidate, helping them to identify and enhance those qualities and skills that they have and that are necessary to be able to efficiently develop the job they wish to access; encouraging them to change; offering them unique opportunities; helping them to maximise their personal and professional potential; offering them tools to face the final interview; answering all the questions they ask us, ..., all this so that they can face the final interview with the best possible results. ..., all of this so that you can achieve, by yourself, the final objective which is to be selected as the best possible candidate for the position offered. A whole coaching process at the service of the search for talent, which allows progress to be made in achieving the objectives of the candidate, the hiring company and our company.

We cannot forget that we also carry out this work with the companies that hire our services, as we also accompany them in the search for the ideal candidate, not only looking for the profile that best fits the position they need to fill, but also studying the culture and values of the company, asking them exactly what they need, what they are looking for and what they offer, and informing them of the current labour market situation. Not only do we have to find the best candidate in terms of knowledge, skills and aptitudes, but also the one who best adapts to the company's culture and values, since those candidates who identify more with the company's values will be the ones who feel more attracted to join them and, therefore, to stay in the company, avoiding talent drain in the future.
Finally, always keep in mind that as a coach we do not have to tell the candidates what they have to do, how they have to behave, but to offer them the necessary tools so that they, by themselves, can show their skills and competences and thus achieve their objective, in this case, to get the job.

Jorge Lorenzo

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