Employer Branding and the importance of knowing how to communicate it.

December 13th 2022

In today's post, we will talk about the importance of knowing how to communicate your Employer Branding.

Employer branding translates in simple terms to 'the way your company is', and regardless of the size or sector to which they belong, all companies should have a defined corporate culture.

If you have one, you're doing well, but here we come to talk about its importance and why it should be communicated in the right way.

There are two reasons why it will be key to communicate it, firstly your employees, who you have to involve from the very first moment by being spokespersons for your culture. And secondly, it is the way to give potential future employees a clear image of what the company is like and what they will find if they are part of it.

It is vitally important to take care not only of the image that a company has towards its clients but also towards its own employees and, above all, the image that potential candidates perceive. For this reason, working on this aspect will bring you, among others, three great benefits:

  • Decrease the turnover rate of your staff as it increases the commitment of your employees as well as their motivation and loyalty.

  • Facilitating the retention of talent, knowing how to communicate values and having employees who reflect them means that the company attracts candidates simply because they feel identified with them.

- Boosting the growth of the company, having a workforce that not only knows, but also forms part of the company's objectives makes employees feel motivated when doing their job, thus also improving the working environment.

In short, Talent's Marketing Department helps you to communicate the corporate culture through a plan of internal and external actions that in turn help to define the candidate profile that forms part of it. In this way, the selection process is accelerated and fits your needs and values that represent you.

Laura Estellés, Marketing Specialist

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