Values in the professional area are key and can help win games

January 10th 2023


In the following lines you will find a key example of how sport can bring transversal values into the workplace and how these can help to enhance talent. We would like to start this new blog post with a simple definition that will put it in context.  
Values are the principles, virtues or qualities that characterise a person or an action, and that are considered positive or of great importance for a social group. Values do matter at the organisational level, and it is good fortune that they are acquired and developed!   
One of the vehicles for this is the practice of physical activity, whether for performance or leisure. If we look at sportsmen and women such as Ona Carbonell, Andrés Iniesta, Serena Williams or Rafa Nadal, we can clearly see in them talent and, above all, values such as perseverance, effort, teamwork, willpower and resilience. Clearly each of these values have been part of the equation that has led them to reach their maximum talent today.   
This example, as we explained at the beginning, can be extrapolated to the professional area. One of the main challenges for organisations that is repeated year after year is the attraction and retention of this talent, because we are on the move and in a changing environment. Organisations are looking for committed, responsible professionals with the ability to adapt to change. According to a study carried out by the Harvard Business Review, the values most in demand by companies are commitment and responsibility.   
Hence, values matter and can win games. Values motivate people to act in a certain way because they are part of their belief system, determine their behaviour and express their interests and feelings.   
Engaging values during the talent recruitment process is the biggest challenge and at the same time the key to growing as an organisation. To generate new opportunities and foster the development of what we all come to learn in the end.   

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