Are recruiters that cold-hearted or just misunderstood?

January 17th 2023

What happens behind the scene?

Are recruiters that cold-hearted or just misunderstood?

Hello readers, happy to have you here. I would love to share with you my insights as a Recruiter, but first, I would like to clarify: I am not cold-hearted.

But, starting from the beginning, when we (recruiters) receive the Position, we have to find you! Yes, we find you as much as you find us!

How does that happen? We not only post on each platform but we look at them for you by reading your CV.

We have criteria given to us by the company therefore, we don´t choose how many years of experience, languages, or location are required to perform this new job position.

Very often, while we look for the ideal candidate, the company (Our client) and my colleagues are also looking for you, the ideal candidate. Therefore, the chances of this position being closed are much bigger and, that is why, unfortunately, happens that, we schedule an interview in the morning and, in the afternoon the job position is closed.

Very often the candidates are extremely upset without understanding that, in 1 day, a few hours, something so expected is shut down. Believing that, Recruiters don´t care.

Remember, your success is our success.

We care. It breaks our hearts to let you know we can´t consider you anymore due to time! If we could go back, find you before, interview you before, believe me, we would.

I don´t know about you, but… I can´t control time!

Therefore, if I were to be giving you tips, I believe the best tip I could ever give to you as a candidate or even a recruiter is, time. The faster you schedule an Interview, you send it to the client, and you together with the client, advance the process, the more chances you have to succeed with your placement/new job!

We are not cold-hearted, we are just out of time.

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