How to get a job after graduation

January 24th 2023

Finishing your studies and entering the labour market can be a difficult but at the same time very exciting journey.
Recent graduates may face difficulties in their first job searches due to their lack of experience, the high competition in the market, their sometimes unrealistic expectations about the job they can get, the lack of specific skills or related certifications and how unoriented they may be about how to get the desired position.
Talent Search People will give you the best tips to help you get the job of your dreams, in the shortest possible time.
- Do a good search: use job search platforms (like ours) to find opportunities that match your experience and skills.

- Your CV should be up-to-date and optimised: make sure it includes your skills and education, is well written and easy to read.

- Networking: use your networks to find job opportunities. Talk to friends, family, teachers and former colleagues to see if they know of any job opportunities.

- Prepare for your interviews: practice answering common interview questions so that you are prepared and can answer confidently in a real interview.

- Participate in job fairs and career events: attend different events to meet employees, update your CV and learn about job opportunities.

- Don't give up: finding a job can be a challenge, keep actively looking, apply, and eventually you will find the right job for you.

If you need help, we can guide and direct you to the job of your dreams.

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