Business and Marketing. Why is it essential to have a presence on social networks?

February 14th 2023

In previous blogs we have talked about Employer Branding, in this case we will talk about the reasons why social networks should be part of your business strategy.

On the one hand, Branding, this term corresponds to the process of creating an identity for a company in the minds of its target audience and consumers. How do social networks help us? They are a perfect channel to improve branding, the objective is that your customers associate you quickly through your company logo, the colours you use, the brand image and the corporate audiovisual material.

Along the same lines, it is all very well to define values, mission and vision, but how do we show potential clients that they are working with a company that not only preaches values, but that is involved and aligned with internal actions that really promote them? By showing the day to day life of the employees, how they work, if we carry out an internal activity show it, and turning the people who are part of your team into brand ambassadors.

Also actions such as corporate videos help consultancies to understand the working environment of employees and to be able to spread their corporate culture to attract talent.

Another aspect to consider is brand positioning, an efficient way to improve it in search engines is through social networks. How do we achieve this? By generating quality content that is closely linked to your brand. This way, you will communicate in the right way with your target audience, increasing the amount of traffic to your website. In addition, thanks to this type of actions we can report the results in real time, this type of data can be quantified immediately, and in many cases in real time.

As a recommendation in Talent we work with the most popular social networks in business such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube, although it is true that the strategy can be adapted to the type of market and audience you are targeting.

If you are thinking of growing your business by attracting talent, Talent not only offers you a personalised recruitment service, but also actions aligned with the project to improve the branding of the company and the retention of talent of current and new recruits.

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