Teleworking as an opportunity to reconcile work and family life

April 4th 2023

Advantages of introducing teleworking in companies 


Both the labour market and social relations have been affected by the recent global pandemic. Precisely one of the indirect effects triggered by the confinement phase was the obligation to implement digitalisation in all areas of human relations. 


Today, now that the critical situation generated by COVID-19 has been overcome, society is demanding work-life balance mechanisms which, more than ever, allow workers to reconcile their professional and personal lives. 


For Talent Search People "teleworking is a social benefit for workers, allowing them to reconcile their work and personal lives". In this sense, we believe that teleworking is an option that many companies still resist, despite the many advantages that are obtained from it, mostly related to interaction with colleagues: 


1. Getting to know the company and its objectives better. 

2. Teamwork. 

3.Immediate problem solving. 

4.Debates and exchange of ideas. 

5.Sharing impressions. 


But there are also other benefits linked to the: 


 Cost savings for companies. 

 Increase in work motivation. 

 Reduction in absenteeism. 

 Greater possibility of reconciling work and personal life. 

 Promoting the integration of people with disabilities or people who need special schedules for childcare or care of the elderly. 

 Optimisation of employee time. 

 Increase in productivity. 


At Talent Search People we believe that the approach that companies could take is to facilitate the option of teleworking based on mutual trust, acquiring more commitment. This translates into less turnover for the company and greater self-fulfilment on the part of the worker. 


And to implement this type of facilities as a consulting firm our proposal is that they must intervene: work by objectives and trust in the worker. "It doesn't matter where the employee is as long as he or she meets the objectives set. 

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