May 2nd 2023

Facing the increasingly demanding and changing talent selection needs of an organisation, with the challenges presented by the labour market, is not an easy task. This is why companies often decide to outsource recruitment processes to specialised professionals in order to meet these needs. To respond to this situation Talent Search People has the RPO model - Recruitment Process Outsourcing - as the most flexible solution to jointly face the challenges that the market proposes.  


At #TalentSearchPeople we study each case of our partners in order to offer an ad hoc service and work methodology that adds value and helps to channel the functions of attracting and selecting talent within the Human Resources department.   


Each project is different and that is why we work to develop a personalised service that adapts to each scenario and the needs of our clients. The #RPO models we offer are:   


  • Integral RPO: Management of the complete cycle of recruitment and selection of talent.   

  • Partial RPO: Management of some phases of the selection process where our partner requires support.   


Furthermore, at Talent Search People we believe that specialisation is fundamental and that is why, in addition to having different RPO models, we also adapt according to needs and speciality:  

  • Speciality RPO selection: Depending on the selection and type of profiles, we work the RPO service from our business units specialised in Tech, Engineering, Retail, Corporate, Commercial and multilingual profiles.   

  • Speciality RPO scholarships: We manage scholarship projects both in terms of selection and administrative management. We can be involved in one part of these or in the end to end management.   


These services are ideal when: companies are faced with the development of a specific project for a specific period of time where they need a reliable partner who can provide both knowledge and agility as well as cost control; when there are changes or unforeseen events within the Human Resources department that require support to stabilise the department again; or when a strategic decision is made to outsource the entire Talent Acquisition area in order to constantly adapt costs, the size of the team and service standards to the needs throughout the year.   


Advantages of an RPO service  

1.  Specialisation: Having a specialised consultant is an added value from minute one. Not only does it provide experience and specific knowledge, but it also diversifies the techniques applied in each case.   


2. Greater ability to attract talent. The tools available to a specialised consultancy firm such as Talent Search People help to attract talent more quickly. A strong database, licences in different strategic portals, knowledge of the market and experience in direct searches are some of the methods that ensure we reach the ideal candidate more quickly.  


3. Time and cost savings. The selection of talent, whether due to the difficulties of the profile sought, the volume of vacancies required or the challenges presented by the market, translates into an investment of time and therefore costs. This is why outsourcing all or part of the processes is an excellent solution to deal with this situation.  


4.   Employer Branding. Having an RPO service helps to position our clients' image as an employer.  


If you have come this far, you are in the right place, write to us and a #TalentExpert will contact you.   


Written by Alexa Bel, Sales Team Lead. 

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