Take advantage of this summer to look for new professional opportunities, we can help you!

June 27th 2023

This summer, at Talent Search People we are not resting! We keep working to help you find that professional opportunity you are looking for. Although this is a period in which companies have less recruitment activity, Talent Search People continues with active selection processes so that, when our Partners return from holidays, they can access interesting Talent to resume the processes as soon as possible. That is why we encourage you to continue searching and registering for job offers.   


Here are some recommendations:  

Keep your job search active:  

Our recruitment team in Barcelona and Madrid will continue to be active and working on connecting Talent with companies that need to fill positions in their organisation. Now is the time to contact recruitment companies such as Talent Search People, who can help you in your search. Make a list of companies you want to work with and start looking! 


Take advantage of the "quiet":  

This certain lull in summer hiring can be a good time for you to stop and think about where you want to focus your career, what projects stimulate you and what action plan you will have for the last half of the year. For some people, September is "THE RETURN", which implies changes and a new beginning of life challenges (studies, work, goals or hobbies, for example).  


We are your ally, count on us!  

Prepare yourself and get advice on how to approach an interview, how to highlight your potential areas and how to know your areas of improvement. Look for information on how you can approach a professional interview to get through it successfully and learn about the major challenges that job seekers face versus the selection process. Finally, if you need to improve a specific language, take the opportunity to prepare for interviews that may arise.   


At Talent, we continue to work to provide you with job opportunities and support you every step of the way. Don't wait for the summer to come to an end, start building your professional future today! 

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