Outplacement with Talent Search People

July 4th 2023

In recent years, and particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a strong focus on talent and its relevance in terms of attraction and retention, however, little attention has been paid to talent management when it is time to part ways. 


In an increasingly competitive business and working environment, organisations recognise the importance of working on Employer Branding actions to build a positive employer brand. That is why more and more companies are implementing Outplacement actions to offer added value to their employees and strengthen their employer brand. 


What is Outplacement?  

Outplacement is a service that accompanies employees who leave an organisation in a close and human way, with the aim of providing them with the necessary help to reintegrate into the labour market. 


Advantages of Outplacement: 

If one thing is clear, it is that the professionals who form part of an organisation are its most valuable asset, which is why it is important to build a positive employer brand linked to the company. Betting on an Outplacement programme offers benefits for both organisations and for the employees themselves.  


Benefits of Outplacement for the company: 

- Cost reduction: Having an Outplacement programme increases employee commitment to the organisation, thus minimising the loss of talent. 

- Improved corporate image: It contributes to improving the positioning of the company in terms of social responsibility, transmitting an ethical image and corporate values. 

- Increased employee engagement: Strengthens the bond and loyalty of the company's talent through Human Resources policies that show concern for employees, which is reflected in the quality of their work and productivity. 

- Managing the rebound effect: Allows the company to remain attractive to departing employees in the event of a future opportunity. 

- Enhancing Employer Branding to attract talent: Improves the company's reputation in the market by conveying the image of a company that cares about its employees, making it an attractive employer brand. 


Benefits of Outplacement for the employee: 

- Emotional accompaniment: It provides support to the professional during this job transition, helping him/her to define, identify and prepare for a new project. 

- Reduction of the period of unemployment: With the tools, contacts and knowledge of the market, it speeds up the achievement of the established objectives. An Outplacement programme can reduce this period by 46%. 

- Preparation of the professional: The strengths of the employee are identified that can add value, and the employee is helped to define and build their professional brand so that they can focus their job search strategy in an adapted way. 


Steps of an Outplacement project: 

1. Assessment and definition of the personalised programme: Each situation and each professional is different, therefore, it is important to know the context and the expectations of the employee in order to design a suitable programme. 

2. Assessment of the professional profile: It is essential to identify in detail the skills, preferences, motivations and strengths of each professional. By understanding these aspects, it will be easier to create a tailored plan and achieve the objectives set. 

3. Establishment of the action plan and its implementation: Depending on each personalised project, adapted strategies and accompaniments will be defined. Some actions may include updating the curriculum vitae, updating the online professional profile, planning the job search according to the employee's needs, coaching and preparation for selection processes, among others. 


The key to success for an optimal development of the Outplacement service lies in having the help of professionals and experts who have extensive knowledge of the labour market and can advise employees on both technical aspects and professional skills. 


By relying on Talent Search People's Outplacement programme, we guarantee the success and fulfilment of the expectations of both our business partners and the professionals we advise and guide. Our experience and flexibility allow us to adapt the programme to each specific project. 


Would you like to find out more? Contact us and we will advise you. 

Alexa Bel, Sales Team Lead


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