RETAIL; Transforming recruitment to adapt the traditional format to new business models.

July 11th 2023

The traditional retail model has adapted to the demands of a demanding market driven by digital transformation, giving rise to new recruitment challenges for companies, especially in the area of Technology and Supply Chain.   

Talent Search People has collaborated in RPO projects for recruitment, transformation and sizing of work teams, observing that flexibility and adaptation to the consumer has meant the creation of new sales channels and the development of new business models for companies.   

Profiles most in demand in Retail & E-commerce by our Partners:  

Tech & Digital: we increasingly live in the here and now, so the era of immediacy demands that consumers acquire their product as quickly as possible, without having to travel and at a reasonable price. The development of the e-commerce channel has encouraged the recruitment of digital and technological profiles to improve the flow of online purchases, the user experience and the internationalisation of businesses to reach a more global audience. Some of the most recurrent profiles are: BackEnd, FrontEnd and FullStack programming, UX/UI, CRM, SEO, SEM, Social Media, ASO or ORM, among others. 

Sales, Marketing & Trade Marketing: although e-commerce has evolved, sales and marketing actions at the point of sale to differentiate from the competition are essential whatever the type of format (restaurants, food, fashion, department stores, etc.). In this line, the recruitment of profiles such as Store Manager/Assistant, Visual Merchandising, Expansion & Franchisees, KAM, Export/Import, Product Manager or Brand Manager, are recurrent in our daily work.   

Customer Experience & Multilingual Profiles: it is vital to accompany the consumer both in the purchasing process and in the after-sales service of a product. Customer service profiles with languages in Call Centres or SSC, for example, are essential in this sector if we are dealing with a company with an international presence. These profiles are also recurrent for Talent Search People.   

Engineering & Corporate Profiles: profiles in production plants and corporate profiles that provide a transversal service to any company or group of companies. Although they are not profiles that work strictly in the retail channel, they are essential for the business. For example: Human Resources, Finance and Administration, Production or Supply Chain profiles, among others.   

Main challenges faced by HR Departments in Retail:  

Human Resources is always a challenge because of the mere fact of working with people who, individually, are part of an organisation, of a whole. If we connect this aspect with the complexities and dynamics of day-to-day business, outsourcing recruitment processes to a specialised partner is a minimally interesting option to explore.   

In our opinion, the complexities of recruitment in retail are mainly: the high volume of seasonal recruitment, the high turnover rates of the teams and the lack of experience and specialisation of the professionals being recruited. In addition, sometimes there are the conditions of working rotating shifts or working on holidays and weekends, which can be a handicap for recruitment. 

On the other hand, another challenge faced by HR Departments in Retail, apart from complex recruitment, is the retention of Talent. Employer Branding, training and professional growth (even if it is transversal and non-hierarchical) is fundamental for any type of organisation and especially for Retail. Why? Because the motivation and attitude of the employee is directly related to the Customer Experience at the point of sale, which means making the difference between a mediocre service, an acceptable service and an excellent service.  

At Talent, we offer a tailor-made RPO service that allows our Partners to jointly face the organisational movements of the organisation, as well as the challenges that the market proposes, which means optimising time and resources.   

Finally, our philosophy is to work closely together as part of the team and share our partners' values and organisational culture. These factors lead us to minimise the use of replacement guarantees in the selection processes and, without any doubt, to make the processes more profitable.  

Jose Orta  

Recruitment Manager 


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