We spoke with María Maciá about how Talent is facing the new work situation.

October 7th 2020

How is Talent facing the new work situation? We spoke with María Maciá, Sales Director of Talent Search People.

María, how have you experienced the situation in recent months?

It has been a time full of uncertainty for everyone. We have always had our eyes set on the future: we focus on solutions and on what we can do to continue with our projects.

I would highlight the positive attitude and the involvement of all Talent departments to achieve our goals. Teamwork has been essential, emotional ups and downs have been part of this whole process, and we have supported each other to give our 200%.

We lived lock down as an opportunity to reconnect with our beginnings and the values ​​that have accompanied us throughout the years. It has been essential to preserve our DNA, be flexible, and adapt to each new situation, as well as to learn to work from a distance but equally close.

We are extremely proud of the efforts, involvement and professionalism of all the team during these intense months. We were sure that it would not be easy, but we knew that together it would be possible to reach our goals.


What changes are you noticing in the labour market and in job offers?

At the beginning there was almost a stop in the market, many companies, faced with the uncertainty, paralyzed their hiring in order to focus on their team and internal situation.

We have seen that, on the one hand, companies can take longer to make the final decision in a recruitment process. They want to ensure that they hire the right person in terms of both competence and technical knowledge.

On the other hand, candidates are being more careful when it comes to accepting a new professional opportunity; the uncertainty of the market causes all decisions to be delayed.

After the summer, however, we are noticing that the market is gradually reactivating. I believe that there is a collective will, from both companies and candidates, to move forward.

Do you think there are differences between sectors?

Many sectors have been affected such as the retail sector, hospitality and tourism among others. On the contrary, others have increased their sales or services, such as the technology sector, gaming, food and pharmaceutical companies.

How have you adapted your business strategy?

It has been a natural process. At Talent, we have always worked hand in hand with our partners; we like to create a bond and relationship beyond the conventional.

Throughout this time, we have been focusing more than ever on a personalized service, assessing how we can be of help in each situation our clients have. Knowing the people, teams, and problems that our clients may have enables us to empathize and detect possible needs in which, based on our experience, we can advise them.

Our job is to help companies in the process of adaptation to the new reality, discovering their position in the market, detecting improvements that they can implement, analysing their work environment, competition and readapting our services to these needs.

We have always been known for carrying out Ad-Hoc projects and now, more than ever, we have to be open to offering different solutions beyond a regular selection process.


How has Talent adapted to the new reality?

At Talent, we have always had a very flexible DNA, therefore we adapt quickly to changes. At the beginning, we all worked together in order for home office to work for us. Once back at the office, we adopted all the necessary measures to take care of hygiene and safety: we work in a mixed modality combining face-to-face and remote work.

It has been essential for us to adapt to the new circumstances, obtaining new learnings out of this crisis. We have used this time to re-evaluate ourselves, to see where we could improve in terms of procedures and internal operations. We have also made some investment to have more tools that allow us to provide unique and tailored solutions to our clients.

Now, more than ever, we all have the responsibility to help each other and continue working together, with positive attitude and stronger than ever.

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