We talked to Talent's marketing department about the company's rebranding

May 26th 2021

Talent Search People is celebrating today! The recruitment agency has launched a new version of its website and corporate image as a celebration for its 15 years in the work market. We have the opportunity to speak with the company’s marketing department to get to know their experience on this great challenge, as well as their mission for the new corporative image of Talent.

This week you have launched the new corporate image and website. ¿How are you feeling after all this work?
We are really excited and at the same time nervous to see the impact of the new corporate image in the work market. It has been many months of work and effort to get the right picture for the company. We are very proud of this rebranding and the results are beyond we could imagine!

Did the pandemic incite you to make this change?
We actually started with the rebranding in 2019. Our initial idea was to launch the new image in 2020, nonetheless we had to adapt the situation to the pandemic and fully dedicate ourselves to the company’s current work.

However, this situation has made us stronger and we have shown that nothing scares us. We love challenges and that is why we decided to keep moving forward with the rebranding once the situation was more stable.

¿How was the creation process for the new corporative image?
It has been an intense process, in which we needed many hours of creative work and brainstorming. We first started establishing our main goals for this change, then we worked on graphic design propositions and new material for the website. Because we had previously interiorized our work culture and values, we understood perfectly where we wanted to be headed.

It has been a long but rewarding process, considering that the entire marketing team was involved in this challenge. In addition, this helped us improve our communication and cohesion between teams.

¿Which are your goals with the launch of the new corporate image?
As a company we always relied on our people. They are the main reason why we do what we do. That’s why in this new image we have emphasized their importance to our company. On one hand, we focus the change in our culture: a fresh, more attractive, close and renew image. We want to be as close as ever to our clients and candidates. Due to that, we transform our communication style to one more direct, clear and close.

On the other hand, we want to attract new users to our website. In order to do that, we will work on our social media platforms and website usability to respond to our user’s need and objectives.

The new website is totally different from the old one. What content would you remark as essential?
There are many aspects in our website that are essential because we made a lot of big changes with the content. However, if we have to highlight one it would be the website’s easy navigation. The first thing you find at the homepage is a search box with every active vacancy and filters in the website. This allows our candidates to filter and search offers with an accurate respond.

From the client’s point of view, in this new version there are all the company’s Business Lines, unified in the image of Talent. Furthermore, you can contact us from three different ways: mail, telephone and WhatsApp. Finally, we want to highlight that all the possible information about Talent is accessible through the homepage. There are many sections where users can retrieve any information they want.

Both in the website and in the corporate image we can see a similar range of colours. What do they mean for Talent?
For us, colours are essential to identify our different business lines. Although our main colour still is red (the hue that represents the recruitment line), we also highlight the other business units with different colours.
For example, we have our RPO & InHouse services with the characteristic color turquoise blue, green for Talent International, gold to distinguish Interim & Executive Search services and, finally, lilac for Talent HR Services.

How would you summarize the experience in one word?
Overcoming. At Talent we adapt ourselves to every challenge presented, and during these 15 years of life, we have learned to improve and overcome ourselves day by day. Despise the barriers that may arise, we have always tried to face the problems in the best possible way.

The most important thing is to believe in ourselves and, in this project, we have put all our effort and motivation to improve ourselves once again.


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