Sant Jordi 2022: Talent returns to the streets of Barcelona

April 19th 2022

It seemed like it was never going to arrive but yes, finally this Saturday 23 April the streets of the city of Barcelona will once again be filled with talent on this special day. After two years the Barcelona City Council will make us enjoy a literary 'superilla' to celebrate Sant Jordi 2022, which will have almost four kilometres giving space to a total of 300 professional stands of books and roses.

In any case, the day will begin to decorate its streets during the previous days, it will be the 21st and 22nd of April when the establishments selling flowers and books will set up stalls in front of their shops as well as the sweets of our bakers in the city, you know, do not stay without your rose, book or maybe you prefer to sweeten the day.

From Talent Search People we would like to recommend two books that can help you in your personal growth, with which you will gain confidence and decision to face personal challenges as well as the job search of your dreams or even the impulse to look for new projects.

Firstly, 'No tengas miedo a nada' by Curro Cañete, author of the bestseller El poder de confiar en ti, who returns with an infallible method to make our dreams come true. Yes, it is possible to transform our life to live it in a full and wonderful way. Years ago, Curro Cañete discovered that not only was it a possibility, but that helping others to achieve it was his purpose. After its launch, his words have reached hundreds of thousands of readers, conveying a clear message: "When you trust in yourself and in life, everything you see around you changes too".

Secondly, 'Encuentra tu persona vitamina' by Marian Rojas Estapé, will help you to better understand your relationship with your parents, children and relatives; with your partner, with your friends and with your work colleagues, and at the same time you will understand your emotional history. When you understand yourself, you feel relieved. This book will encourage you to find vitamin people: those who bring out the best in you, inspire you, support you and thereby improve your immune system.

We encourage you to discover these authors and many others at the signing points in Barcelona, exchanging roses with books or taking a stroll around the traditionally decorated façade of Casa Batlló. And above all, enjoy a happy Sant Jordi!

We remind you that if you still have any doubts, remember that you can visit our social networks to learn some other tips. Also, if you are tired of your current job or you are looking for an opportunity, do not hesitate to visit our website here, hundreds of offers are waiting for you.

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