Job fairs: an opportunity to find work

July 12th 2022

Have you ever wondered what a job fair is?

Job fairs are an event that brings together companies in the sector that are looking for new talent and candidates who are looking for a job. For the latter, it is a great opportunity to gather information and make contacts with companies that catch your attention. On the other hand, for companies, these kinds of events are very useful to meet new talented professional profiles.

Make a selection and research the companies that you are interested in.

To select companies, we recommend that you have a clear idea of your professional profile and the companies you want to approach before going to a job fair. Normally the organizers provide, in advance, the companies attending, as well as the vacancies they offer, so you can know in advance which one you want to approach and optimize your time.

Great opportunity to make contacts

Making contacts should be one of your main objectives at job fairs, as you will be able to meet professionals in your sector. It is therefore advisable to ask for contact details at those stands that are of interest to you.

A professional and proactive attitude

Arrive on time at the event and dressed professionally for the occasion. Take care when interacting with recruiters and be as professional as possible, because remember, they are evaluating you for positions in their own company. You must prepare what you are going to say, as well as why you would be interested in working with them.

Update your CV

You should update and properly write your CV so that you can submit it to various companies. It is advisable to create a cover letter for those companies you have decided to apply to, as well as your CV. You will have to submit it to several companies, so you should update it and write it properly, and bring several copies to the event.

Contacting companies is essential

It is very important to maintain contact several days after you have spoken to the company. About the contact you make, you should ask if the position is still open and remind them of your interest. You can also thank them for their time and reaffirm your interest.

If the next job fair you want to attend is far away, you can always check out our job opportunities, so don't hesitate to visit our website here. It's time to start your change.

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