We interviewed the new CEO of Talent: Cande Krause

July 16th 2020

Cande Krause is the new CEO of Talent Search People. We interviewed her to find out more about her, her professional career and her future plans within the company.

How would you define your career in Talent?
Talent has been and is my home. During these 9 years I have had the opportunity to work in various teams, which has given me the opportunity to get to know the company from various perspectives, to learn and grow at the same time as the company does. These years have been of constant challenges, always with the aim of, among all, growing Talent in all aspects. If I had to define my career here with one word, with one word: fun.


Taking into account the current moment, how do you face this new challenge?
The last few months have been full of challenges, we have worked as a team and with an open mind. I face this challenge with the same philosophy, to work day by day to be better. The current situation has given us the opportunity to evaluate ourselves and think about what Talent we want for the future, without losing our essence. Opportunities always arise from difficulties and in accordance with the Talent philosophy, we will take advantage of them to continue with the objective we always think of, to grow as a company, not only in terms of results, but also in internal methodology.

One of the values ​​that defines us the most is flexibility. That is why when we live complex situations, we do not waste time complaining, but we invest it in finding solutions and implementing them. Making decisions is always right, although sometimes they may be wrong, not making them can have worse consequences. Being in constant motion is the key.

What are your objectives with this new Direction?
We will continue the line of work that we have been proposing for the past few months. My priority now is to follow the example of Jan and Manu, under a self-critical gaze in search of constant improvement.

For Talent it is not a radical change, but a natural evolution, in which Jan, Manu and I have been working for a year.

I am clear that the future project is mainly based on three concepts: digital transformation, teamwork and recognition of each and every person who is part of the team, as well as maintaining the essence and DNA that defines us from the first day.

Talent has been growing year after year. In your opinion, what do you think is the secret?
If you stop thinking big, you get stuck. There are no magic potions to achieve success, the only thing that counts is the hard work of a whole team that day by day strives to achieve their objective. Willing to face new projects, working with an open mind, great flexibility and adaptation to the client, is the key to our success.

And of all the positive anecdotes you will have, any that you want to share?
During these years I have lived many things and we have constantly had fun. One of the ones that strike me the most because of the good time we had and how much we learned, happened more than 8 years ago with my colleague María. We were in the middle of vacation time and with less than half the team working. We were called by a client with an urgent need and with little experience, we took the reins of the situation and very nervously and with laughter we showed up at their offices. After tough negotiations (we gave our best!), we managed to get the agreement signed by the client and started the collaboration. Back then it was all an adventure and as they say "the show must go on". Even though we were out of our comfort zone and fully exposed, we felt empowered and with the full confidence of our Manager. Over time I realized that this is the essence of Talent, don't be afraid and jump in the deep end!

How do you see the Talent of the future?
We have a great future ahead and, although nothing is given away, I am positive that with the team of people that we are we will be able to face all the challenges that the future presents to us.

As I mentioned, growth will always be our objective and we will continue to bet on being flexible, adapting to the needs of our clients and the market, as well as our employees. I take this challenge with great enthusiasm and with the full confidence that we can achieve it.

We have #PeopleFullOfTalent and as a team we will overcome everything that the future holds for us.

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