Interview with Ingrid Terrats about RPO services

May 20th 2019

In a highly competitive business environment like the one we are in, more and more companies have the need to outsource their recruitment processes to reduce their costs and become more efficient.

Talent Search People offers the Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) service, which is defined as a complete or partial service that outsources the recruitment process to an expert company in Human Resources.

Ingrid Terrats, Operations Manager in the HR department, talks about the importance of betting on In-House services and which is the formula that is implemented from Talent Search People.

How do you think a company can benefit from hiring the In-House service?
The main benefits are the adaptability of the In-House team to the client's recruitment needs, the disposition of professionals who have already participated in similar projects and the agility and efficiency in the hiring process. Companies can invest their resources more efficiently with a clear translation in cost savings.

For what kind of situations can it be beneficial to hire this service?
One of the main advantages of this service is the flexibility it allows. We adapt completely to the needs of our client and each project is designed with his specific needs in mind. It can be of great interest in times of high recruitment volume, especially in human resources departments with a reduced structure or even in the creation of new departments. We are able to assemble a complete team to cover the vacancies that are required in each case, we do not set limits.

What is the key component for this service to succeed?
The key to success is good communication and a previous analysis to understand well the needs of the In-House / RPO project to be designed. From here, the custom project is defined and implemented and we start daily, weekly and monthly monitoring. Good communication and constant follow-up are essential to be able to adapt the service whenever necessary.

What role do you represent in the In-House process?
My main role is to be responsible for the optimization of the project, its implementation and progress, as well as its follow-up. I must ensure at all times that the “engine” is working and that the quality offered from each of the people involved is perfect for what the client needs.

What added value does TSP provide that differentiates it from other consultancies in the RPO service?
We offer flexible solutions with a very fast start-up. Once we have the design, we can have a team assembled in less than four days. The transparency in the management of In-House projects is also fundamental for us to find the best solution. In addition, the consultants are trained in In-House / RPO and receive the backup and constant support of the entire TSP team during the project.

When you receive feedback from clients, what do they value most about your service?
What our clients usually value most is effectiveness: having the project designed and implemented quickly is key when there is real urgency. The flexibility of the service is also one of the most appreciated points: we do not focus exclusively on recruitment, but on being a member of the team, being able to perform other functions such as personnel management or onboarding. And, without a doubt, that we fulfill the expectations and purpose of the project. Many of our clients hire these services more than once since this solution really helps them.

Is it important to follow up on the consultants who are in an In-House project?
It's fundamental. The consultant is “in the middle of two worlds”, collaborating with two entities at the same time. It is important that the consultants have a space where they can express themselves freely and, above all, receive constant support from TSP. In this way we can provide support whenever necessary, not only at a technical level, but also by providing Employer Branding solutions. For example, if we detect that there is a lack of candidates with a specific requirement, we act quickly to meet this need and coordinate a specific campaign with our Marketing Department to do so.

Of the projects in which you have participated, do you remember any one which has been especially successful?
We have had many projects where the final report from the client has been very positive. If I had to choose one I would like to highlight the project that we carried out for approximately two years, collaborating with an important multinational in the Retail sector of Barcelona in the opening of its stores globally. In order to offer a multilingual recruitment service in different countries, we provided a team of 14 consultants and a manager. In addition, different strategic figures within TSP participated in the project in order to provide the necessary follow-up to such an ambitious challenge. We designed all of the project oriented towards the client and we constantly analyzed each one of the needs related to seasonality or Employer Banding that could be a plus in the different phases of the project.


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