Luka Pfeiffer: finding a job in Barcelona

June 24th 2020

Barcelona is one of the most sought-after cities for expats who want to start new adventures and seek job opportunities. Whether for its climate, the beach, the cultural life or the people, this city stands out for the number of multilingual profiles who decide to move and work here.

Luka Pfeiffer who had the opportunity to find a job in Barcelona for German speakers with Talent Search People, talks about his experience in the city and finding a working opportunity with the Native Speakers department.

How long have you been living in Barcelona?

I arrived in Barcelona almost 3 weeks ago but actually it is my second time in Barcelona, as I have been living here for one year a couple of years ago.

And what do you like the most about living here?

Probably the people and how you can enjoy life here is what I like most about this city. A big plus of course is, that as a tech hub Barcelona provides a wide range of career opportunities as well.

How do you think the job market is for multilingual people in the city?

The job market is especially interesting for multilingual people like me. You can find many multinational companies located in Barcelona that always look for people that speak several languages or native speakers.

What advantages do you find in speaking several languages ​​when finding a job?

I think one of the biggest advantage of speaking several languages is that you also get an understanding of several cultures. It basically means that most probably you will have an open mindset and you are able to communicate in a multicultural environment. In a city like Barcelona this can be a big asset when being on a job search. For me personally, speaking German, English and Spanish opens up many different job opportunities as on the one hand I can work on different markets and on the other hand have no difficulties to become part of team with a multinational background.

With Talent Search People you have got your current job. How do you consider the experience?

It was an AMAZING experience. Especially in these times, talking about the Corona pandemic I experienced the whole team at Talent Search People as highly professional, dedicated and very helpful to support me in all stages of the recruitment process. What I liked most, has been the very close contact or let’s say guidance by my recruiter Maria Gallifa. She provided me with all necessary information or advice to eventually get the job that I wanted.

How did you find out that you had a job offer?

I got notice of the job offer by the company I applied for. When waiting for the final response Maria had been in contact with me all the time to keep me up to date.

During the process, that as you mention took place during the coronavirus started, what type of contact did you have with Talent?

During the process I had contact via phone, Skype and email. I think especially having Skype calls to see each others faces enabled the recruiter to get an understanding of who I am and what I am looking for. Also, I appreciate a lot that in general communication has been very prompt at all time.

What tips would you give to people seeking employment in Barcelona?

Contact the team at Talent Search People and let them help you to find a new job opportunity in one of the most beautiful cities around the globe.

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