5 alternatives to LinkedIn to boost your career

January 11th 2022

As technology becomes more and more a part of our lives, it can be applied to whatever field you need. Specifically, for the job search, we must use all the tools we have at our disposal. LinkedIn has become in recent years the social network of reference in terms of employment, but not the only one. You must be on it, but without limiting the other possibilities. All platforms other than LinkedIn allow you to improve your network of contacts and differentiate yourself from the competition by attributing a different vision of your profile.

Here is a list of the 5 best alternatives to LinkedIn to have several tools in our hand and be able to turn the fact of finding a job into something easier and more enjoyable.   

1. Viadeo

Viadeo is a social network founded in 2004. In terms of number of users it is the second largest professional social network with 65 million in total. Most of the members of the network are professionals from various sectors, entrepreneurs and a large number of companies. Viadeo is very similar to LinkedIn in several respects (you can view your CV online, participate in alumni groups, post meaningful job ads, etc.).

2. Xing

This social network was created in Germany in 2003 under the name OpenBc, three years later they changed its name to XING. It has more than 15 million users. A differential aspect of this social network is that it is also an online networking platform, that is, its strength is to establish new connections between professionals and manage contacts.

3. About.me

This social network is different from the rest as it focuses on the creation of an online business card. It serves to unify in the same URL all the links to your social network profiles, blogs, online portfolio, etc. In this way, and thanks to this application, you can easily create a complete brand image that shows your interaction and your work.

4. Womenalia.

Social network that defines itself as "the future LinkedIn of professional women". It is the first networking social network for professional women. The objective is clear: to increase the visibility of female talent in the business world, creating new jobs and promoting entrepreneurship.

5. Universia

Finally, there is Universia, a social network created in 2000 by Banco Santander. It is present in 23 countries and has a total of 18.3 million registered students. This social network has been consolidated as a reference within the university world. It is a great tool to help universities launch projects that offer job opportunities to students in internships or recent graduates.

These are some of the best known alternatives to LinkedIn on the Internet today, with them our career will be boosted to other levels. Keep them in mind and join the ones you want, the more options you have, the more job offers you can get. Also, we remind you that if you are tired of your job and are looking for a new opportunity, click here and access all our offers and sign up.

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