Elevator Pitch: What is it and how to do it?

July 5th 2022

Imagine you get into a lift and right there, in front of you, you have a potential customer or investor for your business idea. How do you break the ice and start telling them about your idea or selling your product? Think of the time it takes to travel in a lift - short, isn't it? That's how long you have to get their attention.

This is the idea of the "Elevator Pitch". This speech should be clear, direct and simple where you tell who you are, what you sell and what makes you different from others to create an expectation in the interlocutor and get their attention so that they want to know more.

Faced with this idea, you may wonder how you can do it. To do this, you must take into account the structure of the speech, in this sense it is essential to follow the following key points and tell them in a simple, concise and effective way.

1. Introduction.
Introduce yourself with your first name, surname or company name, you can add some characteristic information that differentiates you from others. Talk about why your idea or you are the best person to take the project forward.

2. Presentation of your idea or product.
First of all, it is essential to know what you want to sell, whether it is a product, a business idea or yourself. Explain the advantages of betting on you and what you are going to provide to be profitable.

3. Be clear about what makes you different.

Think about your differential value and highlight it, because what you want to sell is attractive and the reason why they should bet on it. Try to answer the following questions: what need do you satisfy, how do you do it and why should they choose you.

With these key concepts in mind, we would like to give you some tips to make your Elevator Pitch a success.

To break the ice with the interlocutor, it is advisable to start with a question that contains some interesting information that is directly related to what you are selling, in this way you will get your message across clearly and attract their attention. On the other hand, it is essential to use short sentences so that each message in the speech is impactful. Learn your speech by heart, but make it slow and unobtrusive, don't go too fast as this will give you away. Practice your speech with several people to get clear feedback and to be able to do your best.

To make it easier for you, here is an outline that you can follow on different occasions.

Hello, my name is ...................... (first name and surname + company)

I am .............................. (experience/training/trajectory/milestones in your career)

Product/idea............................ (I do/sell)

I help........................... (target audience)

I am looking for................ (client/investment)

Need to fill .......................... (what do you want your contact person for)

Contact ..................(appointment, card, email, phone etc.)

If you follow these tips your next Elevator Pitch will be a success and remember, if you are tired of your current job or looking for new job opportunities, don't hesitate to visit our website here. It's time to start your change.

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