5 keys to good non verbal language

January 18th 2022

In a week you have an important job interview and you prepare for it to the maximum: you
look for information about the company, you find out about the values. Finally you go to the interview and your nerves get the better of you and you don't take into account your gesticulation.

For this reason, just as you have to prepare well for the questions you may be asked and the company you are going to be interviewed by, it is important to dedicate preparation to non-verbal language.

Many times questions will come to your mind such as: How do I greet my interviewer? What do I do with my hands during the interview? Do I cross my arms? Do I place them on the table? How do I move them when I speak?

That is why here are 5 keys to achieve a good verbal language during an interview.

  1. The greeting is the most important

The greeting with your interviewer is one of the fundamental aspects of the interview, that's why you have to show cordiality and friendliness.  In the case that the greeting is a handshake, you should not make it too weak but strong enough to convey confidence.

  1. Eye contact.

Throughout the interview you should maintain eye contact with the interviewer to show confidence and interest, on many occasions separating your gaze or not fixing it on the interviewer can generate a feeling of lack of transparency or discomfort.

  1. The first impression.

In the first interview you should go in the best possible way, generating a good first impression, for that it is important that you take care of your image and adapt your clothes to the type of company. Here you can read some tips on how to dress for an interview. If you take care of your image and you feel comfortable with it, you will transmit security and confidence in you, something that will be noticed and you will have much to gain.

  1. Smile and be natural.

Naturalness and smile are one of the aspects that stand out the most at the time of an interview, this makes you look friendly, receptive, friendly and sure of yourself.

  1. Be careful with gestures.

Control your arms, they say a lot about you. Avoid moving your hands too much so that you don't look overdone, and crossing your arms is not a good idea because it gives the impression of looking insecure and not open to change. The best thing to do is to rest your hands on the table or on your legs if you are far away and let them move according to your words.

At all times you must remember the naturalness and tranquility when answering questions as it is something that recruiters appreciate, so let your gestures accompany the verbal language and do not exaggerate them so that it does not seem that everything is prepared.

These are some keys to nonverbal language, you know pay attention to them so that the next interview is a success.

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