Tips for more safety front to COVID-19 on the office

January 25th 2022

With the COVID-19 vaccination program advancing and almost reaching the peak of the sixth wave, it is necessary to follow some processes to be totally safe working in the office.

Following the health regulations, here are some tips to avoid COVID-19 in the office and thus be able to work as safely and calmly as possible.

1. Use of masks.

It is mandatory to wear masks at all times for greater safety. There are exceptions that depend on each company, safety distance, measures, etc. Therefore, if the interpersonal distance is more than 1.5 m, the use of a mask is recommended and no longer mandatory. According to several studies, if the distance between people is 1.5 meters, the possibility of spreading the virus is 2.5%, as you can read here. For this reason, the use of masks becomes advisable if the distance is correct, although from Talent, to be on the safe side, we recommend the use of masks at all times.

2. Do not share work tools.

To avoid transmission, another safe measure is not to share any office material, it is recommended that each individual has his own material and does not have to share it with anyone, in the case of sharing, it must be disinfected before and after to kill any trace of the virus.

3. Wash hands frequently.

This TIP is another of the "must" in times of COVID that we read everywhere, the virus can be contracted by mouth, nose and eyes and that is why considering that we usually touch our face once every 2-5 minutes, hand washing is essential to avoid contracting the virus as much as possible.

4. Respect safety measures.

It is necessary for proper management to respect and follow all measures, rules and protocols that have been implemented in the office at all times to maintain harmony and tranquility.

5. Ventilation of spaces.

The ventilation of spaces is important. The ventilation required to reduce the risk of infection depends on the volume of the room, the number and age of the occupants, the activity carried out, the incidence of cases in the region and the risk to be assumed. According to the Harvard guidelines, it is recommended to change the air at least 5/6 times per hour.

These are some of the current tips to prevent the spread of the virus in offices. We also recommend you to follow the sanitary measures marked in the following link. In conclusion, following these measures will make working in an office safer and calmer for everyone.

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