The most in-demand jobs in Spain in the next 5 years

February 15th 2022

With the arrival of the COVID-19 the world has changed in its entirety, both in aspects of daily life and in the field of employment. In general, a large part of the most in-demand professions in the future will be linked to the technology sector and these will be the ones with the best salaries. That is why, if you are considering studying a career or want to specialise in a specific sector, here are some of the most in-demand jobs in the next 5 years according to studies by Banco Santander.


1.   Jobs related to AI

Within this large group are AI specialists, data scientists and data analysts, among others, as we are in a discipline that encompasses many different areas.  All these variants can be worked in different ways, such as: technical, through the development of algorithms, and business through the application of technologies in industry.

For this reason, people with STEM skills, i.e. science, technology, engineering and technical engineering, are sought after to work in this field. This is complemented by masters degrees focused on Business Analytics and Data Science.


2.   Engineering and cloud computing

Due to the creation of various jobs in recent years and the increase of all services offered through the Internet, engineers and cloud computing are becoming another major professional area that will contribute to the creation of a large number of jobs in the coming years. In this sense, Python (programming language) and Salesforce (customer relationship management platforms) developers, Cloud engineers and consultants or Full-stack developers will be needed.

To be able to access positions such as these, degrees in computer science, engineering or technical engineering in ICT-related fields are recommended. Experience in programming or systems and network administration is also valuable in this field. There are also specialised master's degrees, such as the Master's in Cloud Computing.


3.   Robotics engineer

Jobs related to robotics engineers are closely related to those profiles that deal with the programming and mechanics of robots. These professionals are usually hired in sectors such as the automotive or aerospace industry and even in engineering companies, consultancies or for research departments or centres. To access these job offers, it is necessary to study a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering or Telecommunications.


4.   Help Desk Representative

The Help Desk is defined as a professional who is in charge of advising and resolving incidents related to ICT. The work he/she performs consists of ensuring that digital devices are fully operational so that data traffic flows smoothly. In order to be able to access these job offers, it is recommended to study a Higher Level Training Cycle in Computer Systems Administration.


5.  Jobs related to sales, marketing and content creation.

The area of sales, marketing and content also presents great job opportunities in the near future. The professional area of sales, marketing and content creation also presents great job opportunities for the next 5 years. For these jobs, profiles with good relational, strategic and communicative skills are sought, as well as knowledge of sales management, negotiation, business strategy, lead generation and audiovisual content generation. These are profiles that are in demand in a large number of companies such as information technology and services, marketing and advertising, logistics and supply chain, e-learning, financial services and consumer products companies.

In order to access these jobs, it is recommended to study degrees in Business Administration and Management, Advertising and Marketing, Audiovisual Communication and other similar degrees that can be adapted to these areas of work.

These are some of the current tips to prevent the spread of the virus in offices. We also recommend you to follow the sanitary measures marked in the following link. In conclusion, following these measures will make working in an office safer and calmer for everyone.



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