How to organise a good Team Building?

April 12th 2022

According to several research studies, team building implies a positive impact on employees in all areas. As a company, if you have the objective of creating a more united and productive workplace, you should invest your time and resources in organizing group activities.   

In order to make the best of it and surprise your employees, you must be creative. Here are 5 tips to make your next team building event a success.   

1. Carry out activities outside the office.  

Carrying out team building activities outside the office will help your team to interact with each other more freely. Doing this activity outside the usual workplace will create a good impression and more freedom as it is not a regular workplace.   

2. Activity outside working hours.  

Apart from the fact that employees may like their work, it is necessary to carry out this activity outside working hours, as no one wants to spend more time in the evening or on weekends to attend a mandatory event. If possible, it is advisable to hold a lunchtime activity, so that you can provide lunch for your employees and team building becomes a kind of networking to get to know each other better and to create a greater bond between them. Before you do this, you should check your employees' schedules and holidays, as you don't want a large part of your team to be away from their place of work. 

3. Increased accessibility. 

It is crucially important to know the physical conditions or health of your staff in order to choose an activity that is adapted and suitable for everyone. You need to make your workers feel included at all times and not excluded because they cannot do a particular activity. You can plan physical activities that do not require a lot of physical exertion, as these generate a lot of health and social benefits.  

4. Encourage teamwork.   

Choose activities that encourage collaboration rather than competition. If instead you choose some kind of competition that does not involve teamwork, all workers will want to win and will not learn anything from the experience. For this reason, it is essential that you define what you want to convey in order to choose activities that meet your final objectives.  

5. Collect feedback.  

Talk to all participants or send out a survey to get feedback from each of them and see how they felt before, during and after the activity to get a final evaluation. This feedback will be useful when planning the next group event. 


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