5 tips for the right photo on your resume template

April 26th 2022

Image is our way of presenting ourselves. Increasingly, has become one of the most important elements that companies pay attention to when selecting candidates. For this reason, here are 5 tips to help you finding the ideal image for your CV.

  1. Be yourself and transmit your personality.

The most important thing about the image you introduce is that it captures your personality and gives the best possible impression through your values and your presence. To do this it is essential to take into account several aspects such as framing, lighting, background and your "good side", focusing attention on your presence without any element getting in the way of the final result. To do this, try to be as natural as possible by using your eyes and your smile. The shot should focus attention on you, so choose a medium shot rather than a close-up or a full body shot. Show attitude and smile, if you are yourself, you will attract the attention of the company's recruiter.

  1. Smiling, yes or no?

The question is how to pose for a portrait. A slight smile is always nice, but don't force it. You should appear friendly, focus your gaze and establish it in a direct way so that the communication you transmit is much more powerful.

  1. The importance of good framing.

It is advisable to take your photo from an elevated angle, in a swooping style, so that your most flattering side is better captured, so that you can conceal those features that make you uncomfortable. You should look for the pose that suits you best to capture the attention in a pleasant and close way. It is advisable to stand against the wall to be more subject in relation to the space. The angle of your photo is the most important thing, those portraits that are taken from above take away the strength of the person and make them look more humble, while those that are taken from below transmit more strength and power, choose the one that suits you best.

  1. Take advantage of ambient light.

Use soft, diffused lighting. Remember to avoid positioning light directly on your face as this will wash out your skin tone.

  1. Choose your wardrobe according to the position you are applying for.

Avoid bold logos on clothing and patterns or images that hide and cancel you out. A good option is to choose plain, neutral colours, dark or light, which are important for your personality. Wear clothes that are timeless and can be worn at different times of the year.

With these tips you will be able to achieve the perfect image so that your CV does not go unnoticed. We remind you that if you still have any doubts, remember that you can visit our social networks to learn some other tips. Also, if you are tired of your current job or you are looking for an opportunity, do not hesitate to visit our website here, hundreds of offers are waiting for you.

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