How to Find New Candidates with the Help of SEO?

May 17th 2022

SEO has doubtless become an irreplaceable tool for any business industry development and Human Resources is not an exception. You may wonder what way SEO can help in the hiring process. The answer is recruitment SEO. It is about incorporating multifaceted strategies targeted at high rankings in SERPs during candidates selection.

So why is SEO hiring essential for head hunters? The reason is that the immense number of job seekers use Google to look for the following workplace. That way, it will be quite hard for hiring agencies to get the best applicants and engage customers without a skillful job posting SEO.

What way does SEO for recruiters act in? According to ever-changing algorithms, it covers websites' evaluation and ranking with search engines. We explored the most efficient tactics to boost your online presence and bring your ranking to the top. No doubt, the following recruitment SEO guide will bear fruit

Keyword First

Keywords are the core of SEO strategies, responsible for building any marketing campaign. The fundamental task is to figure out what keywords and key phrases people mostly look for while seeking a job. Keyword research is the perfect solution.

You may start with analyzing the potential wordings and the best queries ranking high. Besides, exploring competitors’ keywords and job lists will give you a better vision of audience preferences. Ultimately, apply keywords research tools for evaluation and broadening your listing.

Another fruitful recruitment SEO keyword method is to study in-depth each keyword aim and how your company may benefit from it. Moreover, such crucial key wordings like company’s name, job title, and location should be concise and necessarily pointed out. Try to work on local keywords and include appropriate ones within your advertising in articles. It may help to involve plenty of local applicants and find them the most suitable positions in keeping with their exceptional skills.

A keyword analysis is quite a challenging process. Still, only relevant keywords’ implementation may aid in gaining more engagement from skilled candidates.

2. Mobile-Friendliness

Almost every person looks for needed info via a mobile device, and the job search is on this list too. So, to attract job seekers as much as possible, make sure your web pages are mobile-friendly and optimized correctly for mobile queries. In case you ignore it, your SERPs ranking may suffer to a great extent. That way, responsive design will be a perfect decision.

Take care of your content to be highly readable and easy to navigate. It is essential to prevent people from pinching or zooming while viewing information. One more thing job seekers appreciate so much is submitting a CV in one click. You should develop such an interface allowing direct and lightning-fast application of CVs from mobile devices. Thus, recruiters will certainly reach more interested candidates in requisite positions, including SEO work.

3. A Unique Job Description

If the recruiter supposes a job description is not so important and writes it a carbon copy, it can cost him dearly in further. Search engines hate plagiarism and web pages ranking is under threat in this case. Of course, you may look through other HRs' ideas but produce your exceptional job description. Keep to the below-mentioned job posting SEO tips to inflame candidates with first words.

  • Plain and understandable language. Using an authoritative and corporate tone, you risk pushing people away. At the same time, simple narration provokes empathy and promotes trust establishment. So, chances to capture an experienced pro are considerably high.
  • Conciseness and relevance. Point out key responsibilities, required skills and traits. Try to give all the necessary details, but don't resort to long-reads because it may force people to leave out in the middle. Well-structured and optimal-size text is just the job.
  • Mention salary. As practice shows, many candidates won't consider the vacancy where there is nothing about salary. If you don't want to note the exact sum, try to specify at least a from-to range.
  • Company policy. Plenty of job-seekers pay significant attention to company culture and values. So, if you provide such detailed info and yet include points of health and financial risks, the large applicants' flow will be in the bag                    

4. Link-Building

Website quality and trustworthiness evaluated by search engines depend on links from other sites. The more authority they are, the higher rankings positions. Still, sometimes it is not as easy as pie to earn links to SEO recruitment agencies' sites. If you create catchy and high-quality content, getting links from other sites naturally are quite real. But in most cases, the recruiter needs to contact and inform website owners about his content.

The great idea is to reach out to news blogs, sites and publics with which your content correlates and clarify how beneficial its sharing could be for them. You may also generate various materials for people to share on their blogs and social media. They are incredible tools for promotion recruitment info. To study their impact on the SEO hiring process, check out yoh.com.

5. Conclusion

SEO surely influences the recruitment sphere, and the up-to-date hiring market can’t do without SEO strategies. So, if you want to become a leading headhunter, add the tactics from our list to your agenda and have the world at your feet!

Writted by Nancy Howard for Talent Search People.

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