How to manage stress at work?

June 7th 2022

Throughout our lives, our work life generates situations that cause us stress. On many occasions our responsibilities can generate a certain level of stress and challenge. But what do we call stress? 

Stress is our body's response to a challenge and what is demanded. Stress can often be positive, for example, when it helps you avoid danger or meet a deadline. But when stress lasts for a long time it becomes harmful to your health. Do you want to know how to manage it? 

First of all, to know how to deal with stress, you need to know the stages beforehand. 

1. Alarm. This is the natural phase of our organism when faced with a stressful cause. 
2. Resistance. When the complex situation is maintained over time, our body generates a certain resistance to stress in order not to fall into the symptoms of exhaustion. 
3. Exhaustion. This is the phase in which the terrible burnout syndrome appears.

How does stress arise? 

Stress can arise for different reasons. Such as overloaded duties, unpleasant physical conditions, ergonomic problems, uncertainty. In many cases, for obvious reasons, it is very difficult not to get stressed, but the difference lies in your response to these conflicts. 

After knowing what stress is, its phases and how it arises, we give you some recommendations to reduce stress. 

1. Exercise in a challenging way. Exercise releases tension so that, even if you end up exhausted, you feel more active afterwards. 
2.    Get enough rest, thanks to more sleep you can perform better because you will have more concentration, energy and frustration tolerance. 
3.    Build a support network to help you. Friends, family, etc. They become a fundamental part of learning how to deal with these situations. 
4.    Practice some relaxation techniques. 
5.    Organise your day to day life to reduce the possibility of stress to a minimum. If you have any doubts you can read our blog here where you will learn how to deal with it. 
These are just some of the recommendations that can help you to reduce stress, keep them in mind and practice as many as you want. 

Today's world generates stress, but don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it. Remember that it is mainly necessary to take care of your body and your health in order to have a better productivity. 

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