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June 13th 2022

We are currently living in a time of change and uncertainty in organisations in all sectors, which directly affects their strategic decisions. Especially in the Human Resources department, planning, sourcing and retaining talent has become a real challenge.

If there is one thing we all agree on, it is the importance of having the right people in the right place within the organisation and that is why in these frenetic times it is necessary to have and rely on professionals who provide added value and a solution to the daily complexity of personnel selection.

That is why valuing an RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) service where a professional team works in line with the company's objectives can be a good idea and have a very positive impact on providing solutions and support to all branches of Human Resources.

According to the article published by The Harvard Business magazine "the outsourcing of Human Resources selection as one of the most important ideas and practices in business management in the last 75 years". In addition, other studies show that by using RPO services, companies could reduce their recruitment costs and improve efficiency and responsiveness to constant market changes.

But the RPO service encompasses much more than just filling vacancies by shortening lead times, it is also considered an extension of the organisation where objectives are jointly assumed and also where recruitment, candidate pool generation, assessments, graduate program and internal talent management, administration and reporting are partially or fully managed.

The following are the most important benefits of an RPO programme:

A professional and specialised vision: Having a team specialised in recruitment provides not only experience in both profiles and the sector, but also the opportunity to diversify and adapt the methodology and strategy in each case focused on recruitment.

Great capacity to attract talent: The RPO service provides the company with all the tools and channels necessary to attract talent, whether through its own database or through licences on different recruitment portals. The latter can represent a high fixed cost for organisations, so being able to use them through the RPO service is an advantage to be highlighted.

Boosting employer branding: In an RPO, it is not only important the results in terms of recruitment or the reduction of administrative work that it may represent, but also a fundamental part is to help attract the best talent to the organisations through the brand image. Therefore, it is part of the service through the internal marketing team to work together with the company to maximise employer branding strategies.

Efficiency and savings: With this work methodology it is possible to save up to 30% in costs and reduce up to 40% the time it takes to close positions. In terms of efficiency, an RPO service supports internal communication not only with HR but also with the rest of the business, thus streamlining processes.

Valuing an RPO service allows companies to develop optimal recruitment processes, reduce recruitment costs, shorten recruitment times and have a broad vision of the market. At Talent Search People we work closely with our partners from the beginning to define an ad-hoc methodology and integrate ourselves into the company's culture in order to build together a relationship of trust to obtain the best results.

At Talent Search People we firmly believe that the RPO service is the future of recruitment, shall we join you?

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