5 keys to understanding LGBTIQ+ diversity in business

June 29th 2022

Diversity in general enhances employee retention, making companies more inclusive and helping all employees feel accepted in a safe environment where they are valued. Thanks to this diversity, employees are happier, feel part of a whole and want to stay with the company. Here are 5 keys to understanding LGBTIQ+ diversity in companies.

1. Business context and the LGBTIQ+ dimension

First of all, the business context has to be taken into account in which there are few specialised studies and the data are not extremely optimistic. In relation to the LGBT Diversity study only half or less of the employees were able to openly recognise themselves as LGBTIQ+ at work. In this respect it is necessary to encourage the creation of safe and open spaces so that employees do not feel threatened or self-conscious and can show and feel as they want to.

2. Inclusive corporate culture

The diversity of thoughts, experiences and qualities of the members of the organisation becomes a competitive advantage and helps to contribute to the growth of the business. Marije Scholma from Nationale explains that the coexistence of generations, genders, conditions, nationalities and thoughts is an opportunity. She believes that a diverse team is more effective in developing solutions, innovating and creating. Diversity as a competitive advantage goes beyond the company itself as "the people we are targeting, our customers, are also plural, different; in short, diverse".

3. Internal best practices for inclusion

The success of inclusion actions is preceded by a comprehensive diversity plan that focuses in part on the LGBTIQ+ community by implementing an action plan that creates a safe space for LGBTIQ+ diversity to express itself and for others to facilitate its inclusion without creating organisational tensions.

4. Employee surveys and feedback

To understand the size of the LGBTI community, their concerns and interests, making decisions that maximise performance and identify areas for improvement is essential, so an analysis and survey must be carried out beforehand in order to implement the right measures.

5. How to create inclusive and safe spaces

In order to implement a safe space plan, rules must be established in advance and reinforced with anti-discrimination rules. You need to listen and adapt to the needs of the people in the group, to know what is working and what is not working in terms of policies, trainings, etc. In addition, it is necessary to join events and communicate the company's ideals openly so that the company's vision is transparent and accessible to all.

These are some of the key fundamentals of diversity in companies, which are fundamental to fostering safe spaces in companies. Remember, if you are tired of your current job or are looking for new job opportunities, don't hesitate to visit our website here. It's time to start your change.

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