5 tips for success in group dynamics

July 19th 2022

Have you ever been called to a group dynamic and didn't know how to act? Here we give you the solution.

First of all, it is necessary to know what are the dynamics of employment. They are a technique used more and more frequently by companies when they open selection processes. It is based on a first contact with potential candidates that serves to carry out a first screening before continuing with the selection process.

If you are planning to attend a group dynamic, you should bear in mind the following tips.

1. Argue your ideas
It is necessary to express your reasoned ideas and defend your position on the subject being discussed, all of this should be done in a calm and respectful manner to show confidence and serenity.

2. Use the group as potential helpers

Those people who attend these group dynamics are the ones you can rely on, in this way, the recruiters will see positively your companionship and your ability to work in a team, you should also look for group progress and not only individual.

3. Show initiative and participation

It is very important to be able to break the ice, participate and take the initiative so that the interviewers see you as a person capable of resolving possible future conflicts.

4. Listen and don't interrupt.

It is just as important to listen as it is to speak, you should consider the ideas of your colleagues, as they are just as valid as yours and you may find something to learn or to use in your speech. This will show that you have a listening and learning capacity and that you are not obsessed with your own arguments and ideas, but that you are aware that there are more opinions than yours.

 5. Find the middle ground.

You have to find the balance between talking too much and talking too little. Neither extreme is good; on the one hand, if you are totally passive, you will give the impression that you are unwilling or uninvolved in the cause and, on the other hand, if you talk too much, you will show a monopolising attitude and want to attract attention. For this reason, find a point that is not close to either of these extremes so that your contribution is optimal.

By following these steps you will get the attention of the recruiters in the group dynamics so that you can move on to the next stages. Remember, if you are tired of your current job or are looking for new job opportunities, don't hesitate to visit our website here. It's time to start your change.

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