July 26th 2022

If you think that telephone interviews are a mere formality in the selection process and that they are of no importance, you are very much mistaken. Discover below the importance of conducting a telephone interview and why it is important. 

Telephone interviews are usually conducted early in the selection process. It is a way of filtering candidates at all times. When you pass this filter you usually move on to the next stage which is usually a face-to-face meeting. You must take it seriously and for this we leave you with 5 tips to succeed in a telephone interview.

1. Key attitude in the first call 

At a specific moment the company will call you to get to know you better, it is not a specific telephone interview and, even worse, they will be assessing your knowledge, your way of expressing yourself and your attitude. 

2. Always pick up the phone.

You should always answer politely and professionally, never answer as if they were your friends or family. 

3. Don't use ringtone music. 

If a screening technician calls you and you have music playing in the background, it doesn't sound professional, so we advise you to remove any ringtones and leave the default ringtone.

4. If you can't answer, call back quickly. 

It may happen that when you are called you are on public transport and cannot hold a conversation in a calm manner, so we advise you to explain the situation: 
- Explain the situation, apologise and ask if it is possible to call them back in a few minutes or when you can. 
- Ask for a contact name or phone number so that you can call them back. 
From here on return the call when possible, don't let many hours go by and show interest. A job interview should become a priority. 

5. Finally, as this is an unexpected meeting, three things should be kept in mind: 

- Tones: you should be formal, correct and sympathetic, as well as concise. 
- In these cases it is good to prepare a one-minute speech explaining what makes you different, what you can contribute and why you stand out. 
- Talk about your professional experience, not your personal life. 
If you follow these tips, you will probably pass the first interview and from here you should find out what the company does to see if you can fit in. Be communicative and prepare for the next stage so that you can move forward in the selection process. Here are some tips for an interview. 

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