Content marketing strategies for recruiters

June 21st 2022

The labour market is rapidly expanding, creating a demand for hundreds of new specialists across multiple industries. As a result, recruiters work hard to bring only the best professionals into their teams. Do you know what content marketing strategies they employ to achieve it?

With the advancement of digital technologies, the number of channels for locating qualified specialists has increased significantly. Using the right content marketing strategies, recruiters can improve their chances of finding the best candidates for open positions in their company. Let's take a look at the most popular of them.

What Are the Best Content Marketing Tactics for Recruiters to Use?

According to statistics, a company with a reputable brand receives 50% more qualified applicants. Furthermore, before accepting an offer, most employees conduct extensive research on the company. As a result, approximately 75% of respondents will decline a job offer if the brand has a poor reputation.

As a result, the key points to consider here are the creation of content and a strategy for promoting it to attract new candidates. You can accomplish this by creating valuable content. For example, blogs, social media posts, newsletters, videos, emails, etc.

Unfortunately, not everyone is capable of creating high-quality material. Fortunately, there are writing services reviews websites, such as Writing Judge, that can assist you in producing a flawless piece of content for your needs. So, what content marketing strategies should a recruiter use to attract new talents?


1. Make Use of Blog Posts


Content marketing enables you to advance not only in the sales sector but also in attracting the attention of the specialists you require. In general, they all subscribe to various communities, such as corporate blogs where they want to work or the most popular gurus in their field. You can also take advantage of this.

You can start a blog or post on social media, spreading interesting articles that may be of interest to your target audience. Furthermore, all publications on social networks can be "promoted" by targeting, thereby broadening the circle of the target audience. If you are having trouble writing persuasive content that will appeal to your readers, visit custom writing reviews websites such as Best Writers Online for assistance.

2. Use Visuals


It is preferable to see once than to hear a hundred times. And this strategy works even if you need to attract the attention of a candidate. Materials with images or videos receive far more attention than text-only materials. Thus, you should visualize everything you can.

For example, it could be photos taken during various celebrations in your company, video tours of the company's workspace or office, funny memes, or GIF-format files. Make certain that they are of high quality. Sharing photos of employees at work or any event is an excellent way to increase company loyalty and demonstrate the company's true human side.

3. Provide Education or Training


Employees today are not the same as they were a decade ago. Millennials are now looking for positions that offer professional development and the opportunity to broaden their skills and knowledge base.

To attract such talents, you can offer some downloadable training or describe the educational opportunities your company provides to its employees. If you have difficulties with creating engaging content that will persuade a new candidate to accept an offer, look into the list of writing services that provide custom writing reviews.

4. Encourage Employee Creativity


No one will pique the interest of a potential employee more than someone who already works for the company. Encourage your employees to share their content related to your brand or an event that you hosted. You can create a brand hashtag for your events and campaigns so that it can be easily found and viewed online.

5. Increase the Effectiveness of Ads


Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google all allow you to customize ads and promote your content. It is the most effective tool on Facebook. To achieve the desired results, run ads every four to five days, and when they stop attracting the attention of potential applicants, change the image and slightly rewrite the text, and run again.

6. Feel the Pains of an Applicant


To attract the necessary applicant's attention, consider what problems he may have, what may cause him to change his current job, where this candidate will look for work, why he should accept your offer, and what in your job offer can reflect with him. Try to study your potential candidates' behaviour to make a profitable offer, place it on the appropriate resource, and become the "pill" that will relieve their pain so that they do not want to leave your company.

In cocnlusion, if you have little experience with content marketing, try to follow two basic rules: get to know your target audience as thoroughly as possible and do not use direct advertising in the content. You do not need to praise your company to attract the needed professionals; simply tell who you are, share useful information, and interesting facts about your company's life.

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